As a major partner in complementary profiles for joinery, Geplast has a complete range of trim profiles compatible with all products on the market.

Joinery profiles are essential for creating openings that will last over time. They are designed with thermal performance, water and air tightness and weather resistance in mind.

  • The primary objective is to reduce the carbon impact of construction by using bio-sourced or recycled materials. At Geplast, 95% of angles, flats and flaps are produced using co-extrusion. More specifically, the profile is composed of an under-layer of recycled PVC which is covered by a layer of un-recycled PVC in order to maintain the technical performance of the PVC.
  • The second priority is to improve the energy performance of buildings by making them more energy-efficient and improving indoor summer comfort. This means replacing old joinery with new, more efficient units.

Fitting joinery for renovation

When renovating, there are two ways to change your joinery.

Partial removal – with preservation of the existing frames

Partial removal involves removing the old sashes and keeping the existing frames. With this type of installation, it is absolutely essential to maintain adequate ventilation between the old frame and the external cladding so as not to jeopardise its durability.

Total removal – With existing frames removed

The old joinery and the existing frame are completely removed. A new window or door is installed with a support that provides a thermal seal between the joinery and the masonry.

Total removal is one of the most advantageous solutions for renovation. It provides maximum daylight and perfect airtightness, and is virtually identical to new-build installation.

Geplast has therefore developed a universal system that optimises on-site installation and limits heat loss. The width of the moulding makes it possible to insulate between the joinery and the masonry and to create an angle groove on a new external or internal frame. Installation complies with DTU 36-5.

Profiles for traditional renovation

Flaps and Angle trims

Geplast has a wide range of Flaps and Angle trims available in co-extruded PVC or ALU.

PVC flats

The flats are available in 2.4mm serrated and 2.5mm serrated thicknesses to fit all ranges of joinery.    

Infill panels

Bi-cellular or tri-cellular panels, discover the full range of Geplast PVC panels.

Tapped fittings

The Geplast range of Tapped inserts is available in 10mm and 10mm sizes to cover all linings and eliminate trimming waste…  


Geplast offers a tapped system that can be trimmed to fit any job thanks to its many recutting options.

Glazing bars and drip edge

To give your windows a traditional look with a small-glazing effect, discover the Geplast

Connecting profiles and joint covers

Geplast offers a range of sizes to perfectly match the thickness of your window frames.

Trim mouldings

PVC trim mouldings fit all ranges of joinery. They can be glued, clipped or screwed in place for wings from 8mm to 17mm.

Various wedges and profiles

To meet the needs of its customers, Geplast has developed a range of clip-on or clip-off transport chocks to protect your products.