Roller shutters

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Geplast offers the widest range of roller shutter boxes on the market, to meet all your installation needs. Whether for new build or renovation, whatever your joinery, you’ll find a solution to suit your situation.

Bioclimatic roller shutter slat

A Geplast Building exclusive

IrYs® roller shutter box

New half-lintel  box

Fokus® roller shutter box

Internal roller shutter box

Reno City® roller shutter box

Exterior renovation box

GVR.r roller shutter box

PVC exterior renovation box

GVR.e roller shutter box

205mm external roller shutter box


For PVC and ALU roller shuter curtains

Why should you install roller shutters ?

Roller shutters offer many advantages for both homes and buildings. Here are some of the main advantages of roller shutters :

  • When motorised, roller shutters can be controlled remotely using a remote control or switch.
  • When closed, roller shutters form a solid physical barrier to deter intruders.
  • Roller shutters provide additional thermal insulation when fully closed. This helps maintain a more stable indoor temperature in both summer and winter.
  • In addition to thermal insulation, roller shutters reduce the transmission of outside noise, providing a quieter indoor environment.
  • Roller shutters effectively block out sunlight, including excessive heat and glare inside the house.
  • They offer total privacy when closed and block the view from outside.
  • They protect windows from storms, high winds, rain and hail.
  • In addition to all these benefits, roller shutters are available in a variety of colours, styles and materials to suit the aesthetics of the home.