Discover a world of creativity and innovation, where the art of indoor decoration meets engineering excellence. Already specialising in the production of outdoor furnishing solutions, Geplast technology is now being brought indoors. With these “new generation” collections, our extrusion experts put their technical product know-how at the service of practical, trendy, optimised and sustainable decoration.

Dress up walls the Geplast way

Whether you’re looking for an elegant board-and-batte, a functional wall screen or a versatile partitioning system, all our products are manufactured to a high level of detail to suit the customer’s practical or decorative requirements. This combination of form and function provides innovative solutions for office design, shop-fitting and home interiors.

The fundamentals of this collection include two key elements: a systematic eco-design approach and a focus on contemporary design styles.

The art of good materials

The durability guaranteed by Geplast products is based on formulations of a number of materials with numerous advantages. As well as being extremely hard-wearing and easy to maintain, PVC and ABS can help to insulate interior spaces against heat and sound. Last but not least, these materials are 100% recyclable.

Depending on the application, Geplast offers bio-sourced materials that can be classified as M1 fire-resistant for use in establishments open to the public.

Geplast also uses Loryza®, a mix of PVC and rice husk (a co-product of rice growing, which is abundant and virtually inexhaustible), which is new as an industrial material. Similar in appearance to wood, it is more resistant than wood (UV, humidity, fungi, insects…) and opens up new horizons in terms of eco-responsible architecture.

Even design has its rules

Geplast Indoor is a collection of top-of-the-range decorative solutions, designed to match the refined codes of contemporary interiors. The extrusion process creates profiles with classic, original lines, to which are added all the finishing sub-elements. With a wide choice of decors and finishes, Geplast plays the role of architect, refining its designs to suit each world.

In production, an analysis of the carbon costs of our recycled materials and a measurement of the consumption of the extrusion lines are carried out with a view to future controls of our carbon footprint.

In delivery, packaging has been designed to minimise the use of cardboard and paper (less waste) and delivery routes have been optimised to avoid empty transport (less CO2).