Block Art®, interior board-and-batte, customizable

The Block Art® panel reinvents interior design as a modular, customisable wall covering. Made up of a succession of profiles, clipped onto a solid base, Block Art is the result of a cross between authenticity and technicality. Inspired by contemporary styles, it offers a natural, warm and bright atmosphere… adapting its design to suit individual tastes.

This decorative strength is complemented by a number of technical properties (lightness, rigidity, resistance), supported by a key element of the Geplast philosophy: durability.

Block Art® is made up of two parts: the backing is extruded from biosourced composite materials. On request, the support can also be made from recycled fireproof material (M1).

Secondly, batten profiles made from recycled ABS or recycled fireproof material (M1).

On the visible side, this wall decor features a succession of strips with a wood look.

Choice of wood looking films.

Choice of batten shape (standard or designed).

Integration of LEDs in one or more slats.

On request, Geplast can produce Block Art® in other dimensions and colours.


Interchangeable batten for rearranging or changing the look.

Easy to install using clips.

Turner oak malt TM_3001

Turner oak toffee TT_3004

Sheffield oak concrete SC_3003

Sheffield oak alpine SA_3002

Pepper oak PO_903A

Block Art® is derived from extrusion, an industrial process that enables the creation of rigid, complex and detailed shapes, as well as the mixing of materials to obtain more virtuous, high-quality formulations.

In addition to its high strength, Block Art® offers excellent insulating properties.