The Garden gate

Discover our garden gate ranges

As a welcoming point for visitors, the garden gates act as a transition between your home and the outside world. It must blend in with its surroundings. That’s why we offer a complete range of garden gates to match your wicket gate and fence.

The Sitadel garden gate

A range of contemporary garden gates with an invisible structure that gives them the same appearance on both sides.

Garden gate with surface-mounted frames

The range of surface-mounted framed garden gates has been modernised. Discover our new, sleeker models.

How to choose your garden gate

Aesthetically pleasing, safe and practical, a garden gate should be chosen with care to blend in with the rest of your property, especially your garden. It can be decorative, but it can also be a screen to protect you from prying eyes or neighbours. Another important function of a garden gate is to act as an effective barrier against intruders, thanks to its height.

To personalise your gate and adapt it to your taste, you can choose the type of opening to suit your available space, as well as the shape, appearance, materials and colours.

Type of opening

  • Swing, with two pivoting sashes that generally open towards the inside of the house. This opening system allows the size of the sash to be adapted to the terrain, and is an ideal solution for street frontage.
  • Sliding, the sash moves sideways to the left or right. This opening saves space, especially when the ground is not very deep. However, it is necessary to have an offset length at least equal to the width of the garden gate.

Shape and appearance

  • There are several shapes available for your garden gate: straight, angled, with gendarme hat, with inverted gendarme hat, curved, with inverted curvature.
  • Choose the level of concealment according to the function you wish to give it. A garden gate that’s solid and high enough to discourage break-ins while keeping you out of sight; a garden gate with an openwork design to keep the outside in view.
  • Add options such as a decorative panel to make your garden gate even more original.

The materials

  • PVC : 100% recyclable, easy to maintain, decorative, excellent insulation properties.
  • Aluminium : strong, rust-free, virtually maintenance-free, good resistance to corrosion, UV rays and outdoor exposure.
  • Loryza® : made from rice husks. This is an exceptional material because of its intrinsic qualities and the comfort it provides in terms of stability, feel and maintenance.