An identity based on strong values

Well-being at work

Geplast is an industrial company whose many employees (technicians, operators, etc.) are in direct contact with automated production systems. For these employees in particular, but for everyone in the company in general, well-being at work is a major issue for Geplast.

The company aims to be a forerunner in terms of working conditions and to ensure that each of its employees can enjoy optimum conditions in which to carry out their work with complete peace of mind. This is achieved by taking into account the personal constraints of each employee when planning schedules and by listening carefully to all internal suggestions for progress.

In-house training

Developing our talent internally is the surest way of achieving a strategy of constant progress and improvement. It’s also the method we’re most proud of, when long-term support results in a higher level of competence to the satisfaction of all concerned (employee, colleagues, company).

With this in mind, we offer a wide range of training courses to all our teams throughout their careers. This training policy is an integral part of Geplast’s Human Resources mission and aims to constantly optimise skills and regularly renew practices, while constantly improving safety in the workplace.

The taste for innovation

Because there can be no innovation without initiative and daring, Geplast encourages risk-taking when it is part of a collective progress dynamic. Synonymous with autonomy, challenge and adventure, entrepreneurial spirit has always been encouraged and elevated to the status of a management style at Geplast. Today, it is still the driving force behind a company built above all on trust in the individual, his intuition and his talents…