An HR policy focused on our employees

Angéline Denis, Director of Human Resources

Our human resources policy is based first and foremost on the values of listening, partnership and excellence. Our guiding principle in terms of recruitment and career development remains constant : the right people in the right place in a general context of personal involvement and a taste for progress and innovation. This guiding principle underpins all our day-to-day actions and decisions.

Our recruitment process is therefore the first step in building loyalty, the first link in a real relationship: our aim is to establish a long-term relationship with each new recruit to our company. With this in mind, and over and above their qualifications and skills, we pay particular attention to the personality, values and interests of the candidates who do us the honour of joining us. We see this as a vital part of our drive to establish lasting relationships with all our employees.

Beyond integration, there’s everyday life in the company. In this area, Geplast strives to provide everyone with the well-being, recognition and skills development they deserve. This is achieved through personalised support for each employee as they pursue their career plans, constant recourse to ongoing training, a policy of living together that promotes the values of altruism (through teamwork) and mutual respect, and a constant concern for the quality of life within the company (safety, prevention, professional environment, etc.).

As a constantly growing company, Geplast offers a wide range of career opportunities across a broad spectrum of positions and responsibilities. Our overall approach is to encourage internal promotion through training throughout the career path, while at the same time recruiting the right people for the positions for which we want to provide a galvanising impetus from outside.

A wide range of professions

Extrusion and filming, marketing and communication, toolings-making, sales, logistics and dispatch, design office, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), quality, maintenance and methods… Geplast offers a wide range of professions and expertise within its various departments and workshops.