Garden gate with surface-mounted frame

The surface-mounted PVC garden gate is a safe bet. It’s easy to install and requires very little maintenance, but it’s also a reliable and attractive garden gate. We recommend them for coastal areas exposed to salt air.

Our range of surface-mounted framed garden gates has been updated. Discover our new products, with their sleeker, more modern and harmonious lines, in keeping with our entire range.


A surface-mounted garden gate is a type of gate with a solid frame that forms the main structure. The frame can be square, rectangular or any other geometric shape, depending on the desired design. It can be customised with mouldings, plated, lacquered or solution-stained finishes and accessories. This garden gate is often chosen for its aesthetic appeal, as it is designed to blend harmoniously with the surrounding architecture and add a touch of style to the property.

The surface-mounted garden gate can be designed for single or double opening, depending on the width of the entrance it frames. It also offers the option of adding a motorised drive for easy remote opening and closing.

In short, a surface-mounted garden gate is a type of gate with a surface-mounted external frame that can be used to define and secure the entrance to a property, while offering customisation options.

Focus on colours

Geplast Outdoor offers a wide choice of colours and finishes for your fences, garden gates and blackouts, with a constant eye to aesthetics and modernity. Take a look at our range of colours.

A varied range

When it comes to landscaping your outdoor spaces, Geplast Outdoor is keen to offer long-lasting solutions using the right materials and finishes.

All our PVC, aluminium and Loryza® profiles are available in a range of finishes: solution-dyed, lacquered, filmed… the choice is yours!