Hinged shutters

Installing swing shutters for your home or building is an ideal choice when you want to combine design, ease of maintenance and durability.

Geplast Building offers a range of PVC shutters in a variety of colours and finishes. They will blend in perfectly with the overall look of your home.

The performances

Appreciated for their thermal insulation, PVC shutters help to keep the heat inside the home in winter and keep the heat out in summer. They also provide excellent acoustic insulation, reducing outside noise. When used on a daily basis, they regulate the amount of light entering a room, while preserving privacy.

When closed, they can be used to secure entry points to your home.

Thanks to its robustness and resistance to the elements, PVC is less susceptible to corrosion, discolouration and rot than some other materials, such as wood. Hinged shutters are resistant to the elements, such as rain, snow and sun, and deteriorate very little. PVC shutters are easy to maintain. They generally require little maintenance, such as occasional cleaning with soapy water.

The products


Geplast’s range of PVC panels is available in 28mm thickness with a 60mm spacing.

Finish U profiles

Depending on the infill panel chosen, Geplast has designed a range of PVC finishing U-pieces.

Joint covers

Geplast PVC joint covers fit 24mm and 28mm boards.

Bars and scarves

This system (“Z” assembly) strengthens the shutter by reinforcing it at the level of the fittings.