Roller shutter box : Reno City®

External renovation

Subject to technical approval, Reno City® is a compact roller shutter box that allows 144 mm of clear glazing, while retaining a maximum winding diameter of 170 mm. It also offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Equipped with an integrated aluminium stiffener, it can be used to create large (3-meters-wide) boxes with a veneered finish.

Another advantage is that the integrated drawer facilitates after-sales service, and the patented bracket clipping system allows the use of narrow guides. It can also be operated in any way on the market, and is ideal for use with solar-powered operators.

Complementary products

Technical features :

Reliable and easy to install, solar-powered operators offer a host of benefits and fit perfectly with Réno City.

Installed directly in the box, the solar motor operates with a sensor that recharges the battery and powers the motor. With its integrated solar motorisation, Réno City is the only renovation window box on the market to offer a completely independent window/box installation that is disconnected from the home’s general electronic system.

Implementation :

Renovation installation

Installation on insulation I.T.E

Installation on timber-frame houses

Certified perfrmance :

ThermAL :

Uc = 1,03 W/m².K. with standard white EPS thermal insulation
Uc = 0,67 W/m².K. with reinforced white EPS thermal insulation


Dn,e,w + Ctr 45 dB as standard and up to 51 dB


Airtight : C*4 for motor and winch, thanks to the peripheral seal on the end cap
Wind resistance : V*4 in 3 ml width