Bioclimatic slat

The Bioclimatic roller shutter slat has been designed to meet the challenges of the RE2020. It has been developed to offer a real solution to solar radiation and ensure optimum comfort in the home in both summer and winter.

Thanks to its regular micro-punching, the Bioclimatic Blade controls solar gain and offers 4 times more light and ventilation in living areas than a standard blade. It therefore guarantees real comfort in summer, while maintaining exceptional visibility to the outside when open, with an excellent light transmission factor.

In PVC or ALU, it provides security and total opacity in the closed position for optimum sleeping comfort thanks to the development of our rubber seals integrated into our guides. It also offers improved acoustic comfort when the curtain is raised and lowered. Multifunctional, it can be used with an integrated insect screen and blinds. Ideal for large bay widths, it is the only roller shutter slat on the market to have these types of features.

Thanks to its features, the Bioclimatic® slat greatly reduces heat transmission through the window. This limits the rise in temperature inside the home, reducing the need for air conditioning.

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Technical specifications



Rsh = 0,01 m².K/W
Class 4 : ΔR = 0,15 m².K/W
Class 5 : ΔR = 0,18 m².K/W


Rsh = 0,101 m².K/W
Class 4 : Δr = 0,22 m².K/W
Class 5 : Δr = 0,27 m².K/W


New, more corrosion-resistant ALU strip. Coastal fog test (PV CSTB).


The Bioclimatic® slat allows an airflow (over-ventilation to cool the air in the home) : Qa = 939m3/h per m² of curtain (PV CSTB).


Normal / hemispherical light transmission factor :

Tvnh = 3% (PV CSTB). The Bioclimatic® Blade, in the openwork position, is comparable to a fabric or ZIP blind in terms of light comfort and provides excellent glare control.

We recently invested in an aluminium roller shutter slat profiling machine. This is located in our new 5,000 m² extension, part of which is dedicated exclusively to this new profiling ‘business’ at Geplast. This integration will enable us to acquire new technical skills and gain complete control over the production of our Bioclimatic® slat. This investment is part of a ‘responsible’ approach to meeting the challenges of the RE2020, which now requires controlled ventilation and solar gain in homes.