Roller shutter box : FoKus®

Internal roller shutter

The FoKus® internal roller shutter range combines all the requirements for tomorrow’s buildings by reducing its overall impact on human health (solar gain management, perfect airtightness, maximum acoustic comfort) and on the environment (high thermal insulation and recycling of the product at the end of its life).

In this way, it meets the new energy standards: thermal, acoustic and aeraulic. These values are certified by the CSTB and FCBA.

FoKus® has won the bronze disc at the Inovyn Awards at the 2019 edition of the K trade fair in Düsseldorf.

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Technical features :

The FoKus® box has a number of characteristics. It can be fitted to all types of joinery thanks to the patented universal adapter concept. Compatible with all operating mechanisms, it can be used with PVC or ALU shutters and guides.

FoKus® is compatible with the Lame Bioclimatic® and can also be fitted with a BSO (external venetian blinds). It also has the “underside access” option to facilitate maintenance operations from the inside.

It can be customised with a wide range of finishes (mass-coloured, filmed or aluminium cladding).

Implementation :

New-build installation

Installation in renovation

Installation on insulation I.T.E

Timber-frame installation

Certified performance :

ThermAL :

Uc = 0,76W/m².K. with 120 mm frame for FoKus 168 mm
Uc = 0,82W/m².K. with 120 mm frame for FoKus 205 mm
Uc = 1,32W/m².K. with 120 mm frame for FoKus 235 mm


Dn,e,w + Ctr 54 dB in standard configuration (PV CSTB)
Dn,e,w + Ctr 56 dB with VMC grid
Dn,e,w + Ctr 57 dB with acoustic insulation


Airtightness : C*4 with motor, winch and TSL and C*3 with strap
Wind resistance : V*4 in 3 ml width


1,000 pressure/vacuum cycles without screwing down the inner reinforcement