For PVC and ALU roller shutter curtains

Geplast has a wide range of guides for PVC roller shutters, available in thicknesses of 2.5 mm and 1.2 mm, as well as in ALU. They are equipped with positioning spigots that can be fitted with storm caps, and can also be fitted with brush seals.

Complementary products

Configuration :

Our range of wedges makes it easier to operate the key on doors with locks in renovation projects. It prevents the slats apron from rubbing on PVC sliding doors and windows. The VR065 wedge takes up the 120mm guide when combined with a 40mm tapered guide (ideal for veneered joinery). The wedges allow the slats apron to be offset from the joinery in the following cases :

Assembly with tapped guide

Assembly in sliding system

Double guide assembly

Assembly with lock holder

Practical guide :

To screw the guides to your frame, we recommend two SFS screws :

The wedges are all fixed with an SFS stud screw, reference: SPK/5-74/GS – 4×10.