Roller shutter box : GVR.E 205

External roller shutter

Ideal for new-generation buildings with external thermal insulation.

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Technical features :

This box fits all the joinery on the market: PVC, ALU and WOOD. It has a winding diameter of 186 mm, and is easy to access thanks to the interior hatch on the ground floor (R+1).

All types of operation are possible with the winch outlet on the front or underside. The box can be fitted with a mosquito net and a set of PVC and aluminium guides.

Implementation :

Installation in half lintel masonry

(Ground floor + 1 access via interior hatch)

Installation on insulation I.T.E

Installation on timber-framed houses

Certified performance :

ThermAL :

Uc = 0,54 W/m².K.


Dn,e,w + Ctr 54 dB in standard configuration (PV CSTB)


Airtightness : C*4 for all installations (new/reno) and market operations (strap, winch, motor) – (AT value)
Wind resistance : V*4 with a width of use of up to 3 ml (AT value)