Flaps and angle trims

  • Flaps : Located at the bottom, the PVC or ALU window flap covers the old frame. Geplast has a wide range of co-extruded PVC flaps to fit all PVC joinery ranges.
  • Angle trims : They are used to clad and cover the old joinery. The angles are available in co-extruded PVC or ALU. Geplast adapts to all renovation configurations, offering angle profiles in different sections, thicknesses and colours.

To sum up, flaps are mainly used to protect old joinery and for aesthetic purposes on exterior walls, while angle trims are mainly used to clad renovation work. Both elements contribute to the functionality and appearance of buildings.

Our ranges

Geplast offers ALU or PVC flaps and angle trims, available in a range of finishes and sizes to suit all the joinery on the market. Straight or rounded, smooth, notched, breakable or double-walled, all PVC references are GEKO products.

Our Geplast flaps and angle trims are also available in a plated ALU finish to prevent distortion when the product is exposed to the sun.

Cladding flap

Angle trim

As part of our eco-design approach, we have developed our ranges of co-extruded and laminated flaps and angle trims. Produced in two layers, they consist of a hidden face made from 80% recycled material and overlaid with a virgin skin. The inclusion of a virgin skin repels the sun’s UV rays and prevents the mass from heating up and distorting. This virgin skin is then covered with a plaxed film to produce a finished product in a wide range of colours.