Tapped fittings

Tapped fittings : structural element that holds the joinery in place against the masonry. It is positioned on the outside of the window frame. It helps to improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of the window.

New range of tapped fittings

Geplast presents its new range of co-extruded tapped fittings with integrated seals. It currently consists of 26 references with or without a positioning pin, available from 17mm to 137mm with the corresponding sealing pads. The tapped fittings range is designed to cover all types of lining, avoiding the need for trimming and production waste.

The entire range is available in mass-coloured and varnished finishes to match your joinery perfectly.

Tapped fittings with positioning pin

Tapped fittings without positioning pin

Sealing pads

As part of our eco-design approach, we have developed our ranges of co-extruded and laminated tapped fittings. Produced in two layers, they consist of a hidden face made from 80% recycled material and overlaid with a virgin skin. The inclusion of a virgin skin repels the sun’s UV rays and prevents the mass from heating up and distorting. This virgin skin is then covered with a plaxed film to produce a finished product in a wide range of colours.

“Always more optimisation in your workshops. The GEPLAST range of tapped fittings is available in 10mm and 10mm sizes to cover all linings and eliminate trimming waste. Each reference has its own sealing pad. An SPK/5-48 stud screw slot has been designed to make it easier to position the liner on the frame when it is not possible to use the range with a wedge pin.”

Eric Chartier, Design Office Manager