Trim mouldings

Geplast PVC trim mouldings fit all ranges of joinery. They can be glued, clipped or screwed in place for 8 to 17 mm flanges. For flat or moulded trims, a corner bracket can be inserted into the moulding or a corner cover can be used to complete the finish.

Available in mass-coloured or veneered finishes to match your joinery.

Advantages of the GEPLAST solution

  • Considerable thermal improvement by integrating insulation right up to the joinery
  • Profile for creating an angle trim groove on a new exterior or interior frame
  • Installation in compliance with DTU 36-5

Examples of installation with different types of fixing

“In order to respond to a greater number of cases of total removal, we decided to expand our range of trim mouldings. The AB022 moulding has a 70 mm overlap, making it the profile of choice for covering a greater number of total removal applications. It is easy to install, fitting directly into the frame grooves.

Eric Chartier, Design Office Manager