PVC flat

The flat : PVC profile with rounded corners. It is used to cover windows or doors. It provides an attractive finish for all your renovation work.

Our ranges

Geplast presents its new range of 2.4mm thick serrated and 2.5mm thick toothed and 2mm thick breakable flats.

The serrated flats increase the bonding surface of the flat to the joinery.

Breakable flats can be trimmed from 10mm to 10mm. This means that several flats can be made from a single profile, making them suitable for all types of joinery. This innovation optimises inventory, avoids losses and reduces waste and packaging.

Our entire range is available in all our filmed finishes to match your PVC, aluminium or other joinery…

Serrated flat

Toothed flat

Breakable flat

As part of our eco-design approach, we have developed our ranges of co-extruded and laminated PVC flats. Produced in two layers, they consist of a hidden face made from 80% recycled material and overlaid with a virgin skin. The inclusion of a virgin skin repels the sun’s UV rays and prevents the mass from heating up and distorting. This virgin skin is then covered with a plaxed film to produce a finished product in a wide range of colours.